About Us

Fancy Pets
Lake Mary Florida

We specialize in giving your pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, etc), all the care they need to keep them active, happy and healthy, from interactions and play time, to nap time and good old TLC.

Boarding, Doggy Day Care and Grooming is our speciality.

Only the best will do for your Pets.
Our Boarding, Doggy Day Care and Grooming are here for you.

To ensure the well – being of all our guest, a comprehensive behavioral assessment is performed before any dog is placed with other dogs. This ensures that your dog is placed with a group that they are comfortable with and can play freely and safety.

Bottom line , we play dog, speak dog and be dog at Fancy Pets.


Pets are a major portion of our lives; we treat them like family because they are. Fancy pets has been in the same location in Lake Mary Florida for over 4 years and we hace 20 yaears of experience working with animals. We have taken a lot of time in creating a comfortable environment that is not just secure for animals but also welcoming to you.

We measure our success by the happiness of the pets and the owners that come through our door. For us, it is all about being attentive and responsive to the needs of pets and wishes of owners. If there is a smile on a face and a wagging tale, we know we’ve done a good job.

Our mission Give a comprehensive service of aesthetics and health to your pet, with the best value for money. We understand that your best friend needs care that, many times, becomes difficult tasks due to the rhythm of our work and of the city. Our vision Become an example of service and the family link. We are not a solution, we are a necessity.